Shiyr shorts bedlam 2018

Shiyr is such an inventive concept! Social, hilarious, fun, artful and just an awesome night out in the city. Would go again in a heartbeat. ~ Erik Johnson

Loved it. Loved the space. Loved the actors. Loved the writing. It felt very comfortable and fun watching. And the duration was just perfect! ~ Eddie Wong

Bedlam was a wittily written, brilliantly executed night of short plays with a ton of heart. Each piece was truly original and lived within its own world, and yet they created a cohesive pastiche that was a joy to watch. ~ Daniel Robert Burns

Very funny, very well done...a great group of talented actors! ~ Gary Perkinson

Shiyr is one of the best companies in NYC doing immersive theater. They create engaging, creative, and hilarious experiences for their audiences in settings at once intimate and stylish. A fabulous company, with loads of talent. ~ Jennifer Downes, Playwright and Producer

Really enjoyed the energy of the performers & the original writing! Really a fun, engaging show!