A treat. Pairs well with an Old Fashioned.
— James Bowie
I think it’s called Salon Theatre and it’s back in the innovative hands of actress/producer Tamra Paselk. Smartly starting with Shaw and inviting the audience to be silent voyeurs in the salon.
In an age of social media it’s nice to see something up close and in person in real time. A great model and a company to follow.
— Gary Cowling, Manhattan
Every moment, kiss, and action you spied on during this play, felt like you stumbled into one of the most sparkling parties of the roaring 20s. The topsy-turvy, comical situations of the play felt as if you were watching one of your favorite Netflix comedy shows, but only in this world, you were a part of the story – definitely a unique twist! Definitely, a “must see” for anyone that wants an evening full of hijinks and hilarity!
— Caroline Selia
Overruled is a unique theatrical experience that so fully immerses the audience that it feels as though we’ve traveled through time to join the cast in their comical antics. The enduring tale of marriage and seduction is brilliantly portrayed in vintage style, from costumes to accents, and offers an irreverent romp that has audience members in stitches and, one can easily assume, would make Sir George Bernard Shaw proud.
— Angie Teater, Interior Designer & Lifestyle Consultant, NYC
Overruled is a unique and intimate theatre experience that’s well crafted and executed. It’s performances and direction are refreshing and highly enjoyable. In particular, Kelsey Claire gives a can’t miss performance conjuring shades of a young Diane Weist. A wonderful alternative to an otherwise stale theatre scene.
— Joe Pisapia - Best Selling Author/Radio Host