Current Projects


We've got lots of good things up our sleeves for 2018.


Shiyr in partnership with company member, Tamra Paselk, is producing an original comedic web series. Airing Spring 2018!



Company member Kelsey Claire will be producing a web series:

Getting to Jeff and Lisa's Party

Remember how you used to get to places before smart phones? Right. We don't either.

Mixin' It Up.

Community Mixers

That's right. We're doing what we do best. Laughter + Conversation + Nachos + Support = Joy Bloating (We promise it's a good thing.)



Share the love.

scholarship partay

We love where we grew from (hint: The William Esper Studio), so let's make it possible for more people to join our garden! Coming Spring 2018.

Same time. Same place.

short play series

We did it in October with "Shiyr Terror: Terrifyingly Funny," so why not join us for the 2018 reincarnation of new short works commissioned by us for your comedic enjoyment!