Shiyr is comprised of a few rag tag actors who got together to make great art and have a little fun doing it. We are devoted to the craft of storytelling and believe in the power of truth. Telling it, that is - whether it be hilarious or heartbreaking or both simultaneously. The photos above were taken during our inaugural production of Sir George Bernard Shaw's "Overruled," which we performed in April 2017 at Papillon.

As we prepare our next production, we're ready to bring "Overruled" to you! We perform at private parties and we'd love the opportunity to share Shaw's hilarity and spice with you.

Shaw has written laugh-out-loud lines... Shiyr Production’s Overruled makes the most of these lines and offers laughs, booze, and a fun romp. The show makes such a convincing case for questioning monogamy that it might inspire you to find a new lover.
— Elizabeth Kipp-Giusti, Theatre Is Easy